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Telemedical device
Lack of specialists for screening diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and AMD, and time required for diagnosis
By using artificial intelligence, which was manually annotated and tested by a team of leading ophthalmologists and diabetologists
A certified medical device for the automatic screening of severe diseases using images of the retina

Neurona PET

Precision medicine
Every three seconds, someone in the world gets Alzheimer’s disease. Yet standard diagnostic tools only identify less than a third of patients and are unable to determine the amount of disease biomarker.
By using a special algorithm which brings together MRI and PET examinations and disease biomarker quantification.
A certified medical device which can determine the amount of Alzheimer’s disease biomarker amount and show its regional distribution.

Neurona VOX

Precision medicine
Neurona VOX
The late detection of Alzheimer’s disease results in lower treatment effectiveness. Early disease detection significantly impacts treatment prognosis.
We have brought together the computer processing of natural speech with an automated test of verbal fluency, which detects signs of disease on the basis of speech changes.
The freely available Neurona VOX mobile app, which detects Alzheimer’s disease signs from the user’s speech.

Molecula App

Precision medicine (Q3, 2024)
Molecula App
According to surveys, more than half of patients do not take their medicine or combination of medicines correctly.
By monitoring the consumption of prescription and over-the-counter medicines or food supplements and vitamins.
A smart pharmacy in your mobile phone, enabling you to take your treatment correctly.

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