We are creating a longer
life in health

Channel Lab
We’re entering a new era of medicine, in which technology research
and development is enabling early and precise diagnosis and follow-up
individual care for each of us.

Telemedicine available to everyone

According to the WHO, with a rising life expectancy, so the prevalence of chronic diseases will also rise. By 57 % by 2045. So while our lives will be long, this won’t match with good health. This will have a fundamental impact on the economy, with the costs of treating chronic disease rising while government budgets are squeezed.

Combined with an acute lack of specialist doctors, these factors are the reason why investment in artificial intelligence in the healthcare market will reach a value of 36.1 billion dollars by 2025, representing a CAGR of 50.2 % (Bloomberg, 2021).

In reality, however, there are a number of obstacles which need to be overcome. That’s why at Channel Lab we have focused on eight truly crucial development phases, which also represent the workflow of our projects.

Product development workflow at Channel Lab

Data sources
Artificial intelligence tools
Access and security
Data ownership
Key partnerships

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